Mutlulukla Ulaştırıyoruz
We bring happiness
We had many nice trips together for 55 years.
To discuss all the other beautiful journey.
Her İhtiyaca Uygun
Suitable for Every Need
Ultra Luxury Cars
Sizin için Her Yerdeyiz
We are everywhere for you
We're going to all points of your dreams
Rahatınız Bizim için Önemli
Your comfort is important to us
Facilities comfortable journey in our Luxury Car

なぜ Bektaşlar Turizm ?

  • Commercial earnings, we maintain our hold the distinction of being the pioneers of innovative applications in front of our basic and professional ethics.
  • Equip all our vehicles in line with your needs and expectations, providing a comfortable transport and do not compromise our original image.
  • During your journey safely travel under the expert host, the hostess, made our captain and assistant captain we are with you with our exclusive attachment.
  • Not only within the scope of our guests during their travels round programs we provide sustainable services to make the necessary notifications and referrals.
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